Department of Pharmacognosy



Mr.Anand Teerth Deshpande


Pharmacognosy is the department concerned with study of plants, animals & minerals which are used for the preparation of herbal and Ayurvedic formulations.
Subject of pharmacognosy is to study crude drugs and their processing techniques for the isolation of phytopharmaceuticals using different techniques such as maceration, percolation, super critical extraction, solvent extraction etc.

Standardization of herbal extracts and formulation is one of the major role of pharmacognocists.
Following are the research works in herbal field.

Serotoxanomy(Isolation & Quantification of protein from endosperm of seeds), Plant Genomic Study are the Emerging areas of Pharmacognosy Discipline.

Isolation of phytopharmacetical for formulation of Neutraceuticals and cosmacuticals has got enormous scope world wide for human health care.

Tissue culture study, Gene transfer techniques supporting for preventing endangering of medicinal plants are enormously implemented in herbal research work are promissing prospects of pharmacognosy Department.
Following are the industries recruiting Pharmacognosy Specialist for extraction, evaluation, standardisation, formulation of dosage forms etc

Herbal formulation industries
Herbal extract industries
Ayurvedic formulation industries

At ABIPER We give basic fundamental knowledge and information to each and every student by competent and experienced teaching faculties. We are maintaining and developing medicinal garden to provide inhand experience to the students. We organize frequent industry institue interaction with leading herbal pharma companies all over India.