IPC -2018


The Indian Pharmaceutical Congress is a National annual event of pharmacist from all walks of pharmacy profession to deliberate various issues relating to industry, regulatory, academia, hospital and community pharmacy and to evolve collective wisdom for formulating newer policies for the country in the relevant fields and for the betterment of mankind.IPCA organizes the IPC every year with an objective “To advance and promote the cause of Pharmaceuticals Sciences and Profession of pharmacy in all their aspects so as to ensure that Indian Pharmacy Products and profession are the best in the world and to help the public to get the best benefit out of the same.” IPCA organized the first IPC under the leadership of Prof. M.L. Schroff, also known as the Father of Pharmacy in India, in Calcutta in December 1948.
The 70th IPC-2018 was held at Amity University Delhi- NCR during 21st-23rd December 2018 and was hosted by Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association (IPGA)& organised by Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association (IPCA) with the theme – “Pharma Vision 2030: Indian Pharma Industry – A global leader” with the objectives of projecting latest technological developments, showcasing the latest products, machinery and equipment including the advances in Research & Development.The 70th IPCAmityUniversity, Invited leaders from Pharma Industry, Regulatory, Academia, Research, Hospital and Community across the globe to deliberate and present their vision in their respective areas and views about the major role a Pharmacy professional can play in the health care system of the country in years to come.
Students of Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research (ABIPER),Yelahanka,Bangalore presented their papers at 70th IPC.

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