As part of the decennial year celebrations of Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy and Education Research, the 55th National Pharmacy Week was organized from December 28-31, 2016 at the college premises. As a part of celebration, Rangoli competition was conducted on December 30 th . Rangoli is the representation religious and purification of the human spirit and also shows the eternal creativity of the person. The sole aim of organizing the rangoli competition is to provide a platform to the students to show their talent and creativity. Committee hosted the programme in which several groups participated, out of which three groups were selected and awarded prizes

A theme was posed with different colours by the students on the“Role of pharmacist in prevention and Management of Diabetes”

The programme was organized by: Mrs. Sudha. Kesavarthini.P & Mrs.Jayshree .S

  • 1. Mrs.Yashoda, Director, Aditya College of Nursing.
  • 2. Prof. Pushpa Shetty, Director, Aditya College of Management.
  • 3. Dr.Kumuda D. Professor ,ABIPER.

List of Winners:

  • I st Prize – Team-4, Parina, Roshani, Yasmeen, Shristi & Saibita -II B.pharm
  • II nd Prize – Team-7, Kani, Sahitya, Anamika, Ritesh & Mandira- II Pharm. D
  • III rd Prize – Team-3, Muneera, Soniya, Kalyani, M.Sahil & Rinshad- II B.PHARM.
  • Team-8, Bhavya, Priyanka,Nandan, Sangappa &Suma-II D.PHARM












Campus Events

Campus Events