Science Club Inauguration


Science Club was framed at ABIPER & was inaugrated on 22nd January by Dr. B. A Vishwanath, Chairman, Aditya group of Institutions. Principals and Directors of sister Institutes also participated as guests in the event. All the staff and students of ABIPER were also present for the inaugural function.
The objective of the science club was to motivate students and to conduct various science oriented programs and projects. It was an initiative to bridge different departments and to boost interdisciplinary science research projects. Other students and staff from various departments also visited the session.
As a first initiate of Science Club, students of Pharm D – I year presented an art work on the wall, bridging around 26 Biochemical pathways into a single network. Many biochemistry charts were also displayed.
The main highlight of this club was the single network of 26 Biochemical pathways and an introduction of a new concept called Idea Box.
Idea Box, where a student can share any of their innovative ideas and the best idea would be picked up to convert into a reality.
The science club was framed and led by Prof. Shankarrao Patil, faculty, Aditya group of Institutions with the team of Pharm D – I year students.
Dr. B. A Vishwanath also motivated all the students and staff to be actively part of the Science Club and to come up with best outcomes.

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