National Pharmacy Week 2016 Celebrated at ABIPER Bangalore

The 55th National Pharmacy Week (NPW) was celebrated by ABIPER from December 28 th to 31st . The major focus of NPW celebrations was to create awareness amongst the public, other healthcare providers and the authorities, about the NPW theme in specific and about the pharmacy profession and role of the pharmacist in general.

The theme selected for this year was:
“Pharmacists for a Healthy India; Role in Prevention and Management of Diabetes”.

Chief Guest:

  1. Sri. Biligiri.S.G
  2. Director-Technical & Operations
  3. Juggat Pharma, Bangalore

Guest of Honour:

  1. Sri.Umesh Baikunje
  2. Founder
  3. Baikunje Consultancy,Bangalore

Presided By:

  1. Chairman
  2. Dr.B.A .Vishwanath
  3. Aditya Group of Institutions,Bangalore.

Campus Events

Campus Events