One Day Professional Programme On Scope And Potential Of Pharmacy At Abiper,Bengaluru On 28-09-2016

ABIPER, Bengaluru along with IPER, Pune conducted one day professional programme on scope and potential of pharmacy which will be useful for young Pharmacist to decide his/her career confidently and professionally. In this programme, Dr. Burande Hon’ director IPER emphasized 15 job opportunities for the pharma professionals and demonstrated various skills which are required to achieve the mile stone of contribution to build Pharmacy profession. Miss. Mansi gunjal brand leader of ASTRA ZENICA, talked about positioning of the brand and importance of brand and process of developing the brand  in pharmaceutical industries. She also emphasized the various carrier opportunities in pharma sales and marketing even for the girls to achieve various positions and build the pharma organization. The message the programme has given which Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Thinking is the capital, enterprise in the way and hard work is the solution.”

Programme was well appreciated by the students and staff of ABIPER which has build the confidence to serve the pharmacy profession and apathy the slogan was given “ I care “ it means we are going to take care of the world by producing quality medicine and giving quality service.

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