RGUHS Approved Under Graduate Research Projects for the Year 2022-23

S.No: UG CODE Name of Student Name of  College Name of  Guide Title
1 UG22PHA488 Heralagi.


ABIPER  Dr.Deeparani Evaluation of Hair Growth Promoting activity of Isolated Phytochemical Nano Formulation
2 UG22PHA489 Hamsa Priya. M ABIPER Dr.Venkatesan Formulation and Evaluation of Itraconazole loaded solid Lipid Nano Particles for Tinea Cruris:A promising approach to combat Antifungal Drug Resistance.
3 UG22PHA419 Survi Barnawal ABIPER Dr.Suchitra.D Green Synthesis and Evaluation of Platinum Nano Particles of Plants for Antimicrobial Activity
4 UG22PHA411 Bhargavi.S ABIPER Dr.Paul Richards M A new Seperation technique for method Development and Validation of Aclidinium Bromide and Formeterol Fumarate in its pure and Pharmaceutical Dosage form by using RP-HPLC
5 UG22PHA448 Madan Babu.C A ABIPER Dr.Sowjanya Battu Liquid Bionano Fertilizers –Kitchen waste to best processing


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