World Cancer Day – 2021

World Cancer Day, every February 4, is the global uniting initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).By raising worldwide awareness, improving education and catalyzing personal, collective, and government action, we’re working together to reimaging a world where millions of preventable cancer deaths are saved and access to lifesaving cancer treatment and care is equal for all—no matter who you are or where you live. The theme for World Cancer Day 2021 is “I Am and I Will.” This year is a reminder of the enduring power of cooperation and collective action. It is observed to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding the disease that is the second leading cause of death globally. We believe that through our positive actions, together we can reach the target of reducing the number of premature deaths from cancer and no communicable diseases by one third by 2030.
World Cancer Day was celebrated in a grand manner on 4th February 2021 at Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research (ABIPER),Yelahanka, Bangalore in the college premises.

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