World Pharmacist Day-2016 celebrated at ABIPER, Bengaluru


Every year 25th September is celebrated in world as World Pharmacist Day. During this day Pharmacist create awareness regarding the roles and responsibilities of Pharmacist to serve the humanity.

In India, president of Pharmacy Council of India Dr. B. Suresh brought this concept three years back which has created the impact in the society to realize that Pharmaceutical profession is also the leading profession in this country and big careers are there to contribute as pharmacist.

Guests from different areas of pharmacy related fields like regulatory, research marketing, manufacturing, academics, pharmacy practice were invited and they enlightened the students by their motivating speech.

Chief Guest  :

Sri. Sreenivasa. H., Deputy Drug Controller, Governament of Karnataka Bengaluru

The Guests of Honour:

Dr. Mahesh Burande ,Honourable Director, IPER, Pune.

Mr. Krathish Bopanna, CEO, Semler Research Centre, Bengaluru.

Mr. Harish Jain, Director, Embiotic Labs, Bengaluru.

Prof.VM Aurangabadkar, Coordinator of Professional Courses, M.G.V Pharmacy College, Nashik.

Mohan Babu, Manager-Hospital Pharmacy, Aster CMI, Bengaluru.

Presided By:

Dr. B. A. Vishwanath, Chairman, Aditya Institutions, Bengaluru.

Campus Events

Campus Events