Aditya Milan: Alumni Meet 2024

Aditya Milan: Alumni Meet 2024 was held on 18th May 2024 at the Auditorium. ABIPER was a resounding success, bringing together past graduates and current students in a vibrant celebration of our institution’s enduring community. The event marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of the Alumni Mentoring Program, a new initiative aimed at fostering stronger connections between alumni and current students.

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Welcome Address: The event commenced with a warm welcome address by our esteemed Director, Dr. Shobha Rani, and Principal, Dr. Amit Kumar Das. They expressed their delight at seeing so many familiar faces and emphasized the importance of alumni in the ongoing development and success of the institution. Their speech highlighted the achievements of the alumni and the critical role they play in mentoring and guiding the new generation of students.

Inauguration of the Alumni Mentoring Program. The highlight of the evening was the formal inauguration of the Alumni Mentoring Program. Principal Dr. Amit Kumar Das and Director Dr. Shobha Rani jointly unveiled the program, symbolizing a new chapter of collaboration and support within our academic community. In her speech, Director Dr. Shobha Rani provided a comprehensive overview of the Alumni Mentoring Program.

She outlined its objectives, which include:

Building Stronger Connections: Facilitating meaningful relationships between alumni and students.

Professional Guidance: Providing students with insights and advice from experienced professionals.

Career Development: Assisting students in making informed career choices and enhancing their professional skills.

Networking Opportunities: Creating platforms for students to network with alumni across various industries and overseas.

Principal Dr. Amit Kumar Das emphasized the program’s potential to significantly impact students’ career trajectories by leveraging the rich experiences and networks of our alumni. She encouraged alumni to actively participate and share their knowledge and expertise, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Cultural Program: Following the inauguration, the audience was treated to a vibrant cultural program. The performances included:

Dance: A captivating dance performance showcasing the rich cultural heritage of our region was performed.

Musical Performances: Melodious renditions by the college choir and individual performers, featuring both classical and contemporary pieces.

The cultural program was a highlight of the evening, providing entertainment and a platform for students to showcase their talents. It also served as a reminder of the importance of cultural activities in holistic education.

Alumni Reflections:

Following the inauguration, several alumni shared their personal experiences and success stories. They recounted how their education at ABIPER laid the foundation for their careers and expressed their enthusiasm for giving back to the community through the mentoring program.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks acknowledging the efforts of all participants, organizers, and attendees in making the event a success. The Alumni Meet and Cultural Program ended with a networking lunch, allowing for further interaction and connection-building among the attendees.

Outcome :

The event was stimulating enjoyable and simultaneously profitable as all members shared their views and a good number of new ideas, information, and insights came up. The association is hopeful to run and successfully structure and Alumni. The alumni Association sincerely expressed its gratitude to the honorable Chairman, Dr. B A Vishwanath for his guidance and support to make this event a grand success.




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