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Annual Cultural Fest, “Aditya Habba” 2K22

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The fest provides the students with a platform to exhibit the skills and talent in the various events organized. It is a culmination of different activities such as music, dance, fashion, sketching and drawing and make – up.

Aditya Institutions   hosted Annual Cultural Fest “Aditya Habba” 2K 22 from 9th May to 13th May 2022 at college premises with great passion and enthusiasm. Dr.B.A.Viswanath, Chairman, Aditya Group of Institutions graced the occasion and conveyed his best wishes to all the participants. Many activities were conducted for students of ABIPER. Winners of all activity were awarded medals and certificates.


Day 1: 09/5/22

Activity 1: Hair styling

Activity 2: Nail Art

Activity 3: Carving (Vegetable and Fruits)

Activity 4: Mahanadi

Day 2: 10/05/22

Activity 1: Best out of waste

Activity 2: Rangoli

Activity 3: Cooking without fire

Day3: 11/05/22

Activity 1: Art and Quelling

Activity 2: Bottle painting

Activity 3: T shirt painting

Activity 4: Sketching and drawing

Activity 5: Face painting

Day 4: 12/05/22

Poetry writing

Pick and speak

Short film


Day 5: 13/05/2022

Cultural Events

DJ Night


Campus Events

Campus Events