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Annual Sports Meet 2021-22

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Annual Sports Meet 2021-2022 was organized by Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research (ABIPER) from 6th to 7th May 2022 with great passion and enthusiasm Dr. B.A. Viswanath, Chairman, Aditya Group of Institutions, graced the occasion. In his address, Dr. B.A. Viswanath advised the participants to focus on the game and encouraged them to strive and take their game to a high level so that they could compete in state, national and international championships. Dr. B.A. Viswanath conveyed his best wishes to all the participants. Many events were conducted for students of ABIPER. The events held for the students were badminton, kabaddi, cricket, basket ball, foot ball, volley ball, throw ball, shot put, discus throw, racing, relay races and tug of war. Once the events began the air was filled with cheering and encouragement for the participants. The winners of events were awarded medals and certificates.

Campus Events

Campus Events